Tips For PTC Sites

Most important tip for PTC sites!

Make sure any site you join isn't already a known scam site. I use black-list here. Go to that link and look for any PTC sites you intend to join to see if they're a scam/blacklisted or not. Also do a search in 'Praises and Applause' and see if someone has posted a proof of payment. If there isn't any recent proof then might be worth spending your time elsewhere.

Read the sites TOS

If your logging in regularly and planning to stay with the site long term it's best to check out the terms of service. You can have your account suspended for breaking the TOS. The best example i can think of is neobux "You can only view ads using one IP address within a 24 hours period" So if like me you hate to miss those visits. Logging in and viewing ads on two separate computers (different locations I think - different IPs) will lose you your account.

Setting up firefox to make opening your PTC sites a breeze:

* Download firefox (or use current browser if your familiar with it), as it is a more secure browser.

* Open up 5 of your sites, at the log in page on each, in the same firefox window.

* To open tabs just go to File>New Tab. Then right click 1 of your tabs and select Bookmark All Tabs. Save as PTC1 or whatever you want to call your first folder then click Add Bookmarks.

* Firefox will have now saved your sites in a convenient folder (this will save you a lot of time as you will be logging in regularly to earn). Do this with more ptc sites under PTC2, PTC3 etc. To open your folders go to Bookmarks>PTC1>Open All Tabs etc.

* Open up two or 3 firefox windows, and open your folders in each. Log into each of them and click all the ads that are available. More ads appear every 24 hours, sometimes sooner but it is best to log in to them once a day or however regular you decide to do it.

Making logging in to multiple sites a heck of a lot quicker:

Download roboform - stores your site passwords. Makes joining all sites a lot easier and logging into your sites to use them each day easier too.

Payment processors(AlertPay & PayPal):

You have to join the main payment processor's for when you reach your minimum payout. These sites are secure and free to join, also pretty much essential unless your with one of the check paying sites.

Proof of payment:

Most people interested in joining your sites will want to know if it's legitimate or a scam. So showing them a genuine proof of payment may convince them to join. Make sure your screenshots show - the date when the payment was requested, and an image showing payment received with the date aswell. You could use a free program like MWSnap or press print screen on your keyboard when your proof is on screen. Then simply use paint to remove reference code and then you have your payment proof.

PC protection:

Virus protection - I use grisofts avg (free version). Spyware and adware - I use spybot search & destroy. Make sure you keep your virus and spyware databases up to date. Firewall - I use zonealarm but it can take a bit of getting use to, worth it in long run for a more secure pc.

PC maintenance:

This will keep it running at its usual pace and not freezing up all the time. Tools> Clear Private Data>check Browsing History, Cache, Cookies etc. Click Clear Private Data Now. Visiting all these sites will eventually clog your memory up so doing this regularly will keep your pc up to speed.

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