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1. Using downline builders, referral exchanges and referral deals sections in popular forums will get you free referral's. Make sure you clear your browser's cookies before joining under someones link, otherwise you might have someone else's ref id stored in your browser.

Downline builder - When you join under someone in downline builder you post cmi (count-me-in) which means you are going to join under their link. Then join under their link and then edit your post to add your own link so someone else can join under you.

Referral exchanges - Try and pick someone who has made a lot of posts and has a good rating (some forums have member ratings). Also doesn't hurt to look for someone with a ptc website of their own like this so you can see that they take their clicks seriously.

Referral deals - Offer someone a deal to get them to join under you. Maybe a signup bonus or money back on their clicks.

Finally put your link/s in your signatures in forums as it is a good way to get more people visiting your sites and can also get you more referral's. Here are my current favourite forums  &

2. Free referral sites. Sites that let you earn credits by signing up for programs or clicking on links. Then use them to buy referrals for your PTC sites. My favourite -

3. PTC sites with click exchanges. View other peoples sites and they will view yours & Also some really cheap advertising with these two.

4. Ad only ptc sites. Visit other peoples sites and receive payment which can be used to advertise your own links. My favourite -

5. Advertise your links in traffic exchanges. Another downline builder sites I would recommend advertising on is as you don't have to spend lots of time creating your own site like this. It is best to join the best traffic exchanges out there as these have more new members joining each day than the less popular ones. A great place to start is It gives you the top 20 rated traffic exchanges and is always regularly updated. It also has 10 of the best free safelists available. A safelist is a site where you can send emails to members promoting your business (in my case I normally send emails that will help get my ptc site more traffic), because everyone who joins the safelist have agreed to terms no-one can accuse you of spamming. Of course when I first joined traffichoopla it was simply to find out which exchanges were worth joining, which I suggest you do if you intend to promote your link on traffic exchanges.

6. Advertising in classifieds (free ad sites) can also get you referrals. Freemoneyteam does a good job of getting your referrals started and so does a site like this. Giving your new referrals a good basic understanding of how to begin and maximise their earnings can really help to keep them interested and active. I spent months without opening my sites in groups like i explained in the tips section. But now i finally know how to organise my sites in firefox it is saving me a heap of time. Passing helpful advice to someone who has come from a classifed ad can give them a much greater chance of sticking around and making themselves money aswell as you.

 7. With $20 FREE pay-per-click advertising from BidVertiser you get control over all countries & keywords for websites you advertise on. Also choose from loads of categories and get your ads shown on thousands of sites. Bidding starts at $0.05, so that's 400 targeted visitors for FREE. Dozens of reports to track your ads. Great opportunity to give em a go and then continue your advertising if you get the sign-ups you need at Bidvertiser.

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